March 2012 Meeting Notes

March 31st
3/30/12 12:00 PM [third meeting]
Meeting conducted by Alexandra Orchard, WSU NDSA student group President.
Online Attendance included: Lisa, Bradley, Aubrey, Luis, Gregory, Angie, Gabrielle, and Laura.
Kim announced that the NDSA made a blog post about our group.

I. Projects
NDSA PSAs for their late July meeting. We decided to focus on completing this project first. The school film lab is available on Sundays for our use. We will post content ideas to the wiki. We can incorporate some of the other projects into the PSAs. We can do cool visuals, voice overs, and photos. This could be a way for on-line students to be more involved in the “filming” process.
Project Components (e.g. scripts, actors, topics). Aubrey, Lisa, Gregory, and Luis volunteered to be involved in script writing. (If there was anyone else that I didn’t mention, please add them).
Camera Work – Specs Howard
Camera Equipment
Kim said that they are working on fundraising to send a student to the NDSA meeting in July.
New Media Art: We need to come up with topics and deliverables. Deliverables could include presentations, papers, case studies, PSA’s, etc)
Permanent metadata Attachment

II. Speakers & Events
We will keep speaking engagements open to the student body to encourage outreach and create buzz about the WSU NDSA student group.
Colloquium: We chose to hold it in the Fall on a weekday evening. It will be after the July NDSA meeting so we can present some of the material we use at the NDSA meeting at the Colloquium. Kim will check on what rooms are available and talk to professors about bringing their classes. It will be about two hours in length. Kim is talking to the NDSA to see if alumni participation is approved. Kim will add a page to the wiki for the Colloquim.
Art Curator: She will be speaking about the survey that was conducted on how to curate their new media exhibit. It will be held at the DIA on a weekday evening in April. Kim is contacting her regarding what day works best for her.
Hathitrust: It will be held in May at UofM. We are working on making it accessible for on-line members.

III. Social Networking
Facebook: Lisa will set up the Facebook page.
Twitter: account set up. I believe Kim was going to work on that.
Wiki: Gregory agreed to work on a calender for our wiki. Lisa is going to put up a table to input graduation info and summer availability of our members. Please update your wiki profile to share your information with the group.

IV. Kim’s Overview of Digital Preservation
Things That I Learned at NDSA
Basics of Digital Preservation
Thank you Kim for taking the time to present this information.


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