February 2012 Meeting Notes

February 25th

NDSA Student Group
February 25, 2012 at 1pm [second meeting]
Moderated by Kim Schroeder, Adjunct Faculty
Wayne State University

I. Review of Last Meeting

  • Overview of last meeting is on wiki
  • Work on filling in the wiki
  • Pages for each sub-committee? – that’s how NDSA sub-committees are set up

II. Preferred Logistics of the Group

Sub-groups/areas- will put up and vote on the wiki (vote only if we have too many):

  • Archival description as applied to digital preservation
  • New media art
  • Video project for NDSA- educating people on digital preservation/stability or case studies in visual/digital preservation successes and failures
  • General education about digital preservation

Next month: report back who is in which sub-group and develop a plan

III. Projects/Goals Discussion

  • Digital preservation in a box/linker – prof. will present
  • Hands-on digital preservation project – Develop a project or lab to work on migration/reanimation of digital
  • Research and project sub-groups

IV. Subcommittees?

We will have subcommittees for research and sub-groups for projects (see above II and III above for research topics and projects)

V. Election of Officers

No official information from NDSA – end goal of group is to get research done.
Maybe have chairs for sub-groups?

Have officers for basic coordination and list on website, potential positions:

  • Secretary
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Membership/Recruitment
  • Events coordinator (specifically for colloquium)
  • Online Coordinator/Distance Liaison

Positions Decided Upon and filled:

  • President: Alexandra Orchard
  • Vice President: Lisa Phillips
  • Secretary: Aubrey Maynard
  • Digital Liaison: Bradley Woodruff

VI. Additional Proceedings not on Original Agenda

Action Items:

Each subcommittee will have its own wiki page, will set up discussion forums (Kim will set up)
Alexandra will send announcement to Listserv

Group Member Introductions/Specific Interests

In-Person Attendees:

  • Lisa (Vice President): Digital collections/projects for non-profits
  • Talia: Preservations of websites/new-media
  • Alexandra (President): Digitalization/longterm metadata linkage to digital objects
  • Katelyn: Archives and digitization
  • Angie: New media art and how to preserve new are that’s being made now
  • Gabrielle: Cataloging, especially born digital
  • Camille: Arts preservation, born digital aspects/multifunctional
  • Celeste: Digital presentation of documents/books/manuscripts

Online Attendees:

  • Aubrey (Secretary): RIM and records being made available online
  • Laura: Digitization for smaller libraries
  • Mia: Metadata and descriptions used to locate digital resources

Additional Information

  • SAA Digital Preservation Certificate (Digital Archives Specialist – DAS)- aimed at individuals already in the profession
  • SEI Conference is in June, deadline for scholarships (there are 5 available ) is March 7th
  • Interesting links and articles (see wiki)

Next Meeting

  • Information on digital loss related to NASA and science
  • Next meeting is Saturday, March 31st at noon

(Minutes submitted by Alexandra Orchard, 3/4/12)


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