April 2012 Meeting Notes

4/28/12 12:00 PM [fourth meeting]

Meeting conducted by Alexandra Orchard, WSU NDSA student group President.

Campus Attendees included: Alexandra Orchard, LIsa Phillips, Talia Hofacker, Bradley Woodruff, Anita Niemczyk, and Kim Schroder. Online Attendance included: Cathy McDonald, Angie Yip, Julie Tabberer, Laura Gentry, Mia Poole, and Luis.

We had a recap of the visit to the DIA on August 23rd. Rebecca was a wonderful speaker. There was an excellent turnout for our first event. Because the discussion moved from room to room in the DIA we were unable to transmit the presentation for online attendees. The post about the DIA contains video recorded from cell phones during the presentation.

The Hathitrust visit should not have any problems being broadcast online.


Kim sent an email out to the listserv for people with video editing experience. We will edit all the pieces together. We will probably use iMovie. Angie Yip knows some editing and can help. Mia Poole has basic skills and has access. She is familiar with Windows software. Her uncle does video stuff for WXYZ and can give us advise. We should spread the word to get more people interested in the editing portion.

People can take photos, make film clips, etc to collaborate. This will give us a wider, national view. We need to get the writing team and the creative team together. We need to have a congealed concept and get more people involved. We should be thinking about what our important points are. These points need to be discussed in a short amount of time. We need to decide how to do this graphically. Julie Tabberer, Mia Poole, Angie Yipp, and Aubrey Maynard are available to help with the writing team. We will schedule a meeting for the writing team within the next 10 days using a Doodle poll.

The scope of the PSA is 30 seconds to one minute in length. We are looking at having several PSA’s. These could spin into a longer documentary if we get funding. The audience is the general public. The message is that their digital content is so fragile. We accept and expect digital fail. We want to share how they can preserve their digital content.

Lisa posted a cartoon regarding this on our Facebook page.

We could have a school wide contest. We could have a series of five one-minute PSAs. We want to make sure everyone views them and knows that we made them.

Kim spoke to the NDSA about presenting our video at their conference this year. It will be held July 24th – July 26th in Washington DC. It is a free conference. We would only have to pay for travel expenses. We are looking into airfare and lodging. Several people had family, friends, or coworkers in the area. We could hold a fundraiser to send some students down.

There is a YouTube channel for Wayne State University SLIS.

Moving Out of the Wiki

We are moving out of the wiki this month. Make sure to bookmark our WordPress page and like the Facebook page. The password protected pages are a way for active members to have some special benefits. Project pages will be password protected. Passwords will be emailed out. Please protect comments on project pages with the same password. This is a good learning experiment and we may be able to add a discussion board. The Digital Warrior will be a place to list links to your resume, cv, etc. to aid in the job search and so on. You can make your own posts and reply to others posts with comments.

Other Projects

We should find out who wants to work on other projects. An email will go out to members and the listserv asking for ideas on what people would like to research and present for the colloquium. Submissions must be recieved by the end of May. This is a great way to get a jumpstart into presenting at a conference or the national NDSA conference next year.

Kim’s Lecture

Kim talked about (TRAC) data preservation, migration, and retention to help prepare us for the Hathitrust lecture. Hathitrust is one of a handful of TRAC (Trusted Repositories Audit and Certification) certified companies.

Things to keep in mind:

  • People preserve corrupted data. Is it still readable?
  • Do you have a long term commitment to support digital content preservation, migration, and retention? Digital content is high maintenance.
  • The company has to define “appropriate technologies” on their own for the TRAC certification and then define it
  • How do small organizations complete 94 pages of costly and time consuming tasks to get certified?
  • TRAC certification is a renewable process.

Check Sum Software is used to determine if a file has become corrupted. We looked at MD5 and FileCheckMD5.

We are like Chicken Little. People pay attention because they are losing huge data in the professional arena, tax dollar and grant money. Significant data should have backups to at least two different formats and at least two different locations, including the cloud.

We need to have tools built into our creation tool. Currently all tools are extraneous. It is multiple key strokes to save it and one to delete it.

Post questions for the Hathitrust vist to our Facebook page. We want to go to the University of Michigan and be impressive.

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