October 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Notes – October 14

  1. Handout sign-in sheet
    1. Attendees:
      1. Laura Kennedy
      2. Allie Penn
      3. Lori Eaton
      4. Rachel Raimi
      5. Maggie Waligora
      6. Chris Wisswell
  2. Practice Presentation
  3. STEAM Project
    1. Hand over to Laura to discuss
    2. We will not be submitting a proposal for this project.
  4. Rest of Semester Schedule:
    1. November 16 – Tour of Hathi Trust Ann Arbor
      1. Confirmed for 4:00 PM ET
      2. Need to advertise this meeting
      3. Need to discuss how they’ve become a trusted repository of digital information.
      4. We should glean comparative insights from the WSU NDSA digital preservation project and HathiTrust consortia.
      5. Need to set up car pool options.
    2. December – Meeting with Paul Gallagher of Digital Publishing Library of America
      1. What evenings work best for everyone?
        1. Wednesday-Thursday after 5:00 PM
        2. Allie will follow up with Paul to confirm a date
        3. Need to advertise this meeting
  5. Discuss possibility of River Street Anthology Cataloging Project
    1. We need to drum up interest and get a better gauge of participation before committing to the project.
    2. WSU NDSA (Allie) will reach out to Matt (and eventually Mark Harvey) to discuss what a potential project engagement might look like in the future.
      1. Needs & risk assessment
      2. Collection development
      3. Cataloging
      4. Build a website
      5. Mapping
    3. Would Matt consider doing days’ worth of recordings with NDSA if we can gather musicians in one place for a couple of hours?
  6. What would people like to do next semester?
    1. Colloquium?
    2. Paper on Preservation Plans?
    3. Tours?
      1. OCLC
      2. Bowling Green
    4. Speakers?
      1. Rachel went to ARMA meeting and meet the CEO of Heureka. Suggested a potential speaker opportunity.
    5. Event/Project for Preservation Week (April 22-28)
      1. Can we do our colloquium this week?
      2. Do we tentatively want to consider Friday (April 27th)?
  7. End of Meeting
  8. Maggie, Laura, Allie, Kim stay after and discuss presentation, checklist, conference, etc.
    1. Allie, Laura and Maggie run through presentation.
    2. Need to add more imagery in our presentation.
    3. Include examples of file naming conventions
    4. Write bios for Kim to use in introduction
    5. Add “About” section for each institution
    6. Need to incorporate examples
    7. Get a quote from each organization about the work we have done.
    8. Work cited page
  9. Meet next Wednesday (10/18) 7:15PM