December 2017 Meeting Minutes

Link to December Meeting:

Meeting Notes – December 7

  1. Handout sign-in sheet
    1. Monica Ponzini
    2. Ashlee (online attendee no last name listed)
    3. John Class
    4. Paul Gallagher
  2. Digital Public Library of America presentation w/Paul Gallagher
    1. Wayne State has 30 + digital collections, but it is challenging to find this content on the open web.
    2. Question: Can we (DPLA) aggregate the metadata from all of our digital content so it is searchable worldwide?
    3. Value statement: DPLA seeks to make digital collection content discoverable in a meaningful way for it’s users.
    4. DPLA metadata must be filed under a CC.30 license.
    5. The DPLA website is meant to facilitate a back and forth engagement with the website and its users.
    6. The DPLA is a national platform to increase awareness and conversations around the use of digital objects.
    7. The DPLA is an organization advocating for open access and fair use of digital content nationwide.
    8. DPLA uses REPOX to aggregate their metadata, but it consistently breaks.
      1. They are looking at creating a new tool called COMBINE which is custom built for their needs.
    9. Collection development curriculum
      1. Institutions with 1,000,000 or more pages can contribute
      2. State-wide consortia of libraries can contribute
        1. How do you get an entire state worth of libraries to agree to contribute and work collaboratively to upload data to DPLA?
          1. A,B,C collection groups
          2. Hire full-time coordinator
          3. Capitalize on a distributed model—allowing the academic institutions to take on more up front work based on their resources.
          4. Governance system in place to engage with the state library.
      3. There is a lot of planning and data normalization up front when importing collections.
    1. Goals
      1. Long term goals
        1. Mechanism to develop a cohesive statewide collaborative space for working with digital collections
        2. Beyond DPLA: Access hub, discovery, preservation, digitization, etc.
    2. Discoverability
      1. How do we highlight and market DPLA content?
        1. Let’s look to digitize under represented collections from ‘catalyst collections.’
          1. Focused on Detroit’s under represented communities.
        2. Let’s create a statewide portal and open access to the entire state.
        3. Let’s create educational tools to support K12 curriculum.
  1. Discussing Cataloging Project w/Matt Jones of RSA
    1. Matt Jones had to reschedule, but Rachel will be connecting with Matt this weekend.
  2. Discuss NDSA national conference
  3. Next semester line-up:
    1. January – Rachel?
    2. February – EAD w/Alexandra Orchard
      1. Endangered Data week (February 26-March 2, 2018)
    3. March – Ideas/Suggestions?
    4. April – Preservation Week
  4. Officers meet with Jodi to learn Canvas meeting system
    1. The week of 12/18 would work best to schedule a officers meeting to sync up with Kim and walk through Canvas meeting system with Jodi.
  5. End of Meeting


Digital Public Library of America website: