October 2016 Minutes

Present: Allie Penn, Khari Watts, Laura Kennedy, Lori Eaton and Kim Schroeder (faculty advisor)

Online: Erin Zimmerman, Monica Ponzini, Maggie Waligora, Anita Millers, Mark Suhovecky, Jennifer Senger

Presentations: (Kim Schroeder)

  • Top concerns in the field of digital preservation
  • Digital forensics and BitCurator overview

New business:

  1. Students discussed future projects and opportunities for collaboration. These include:
  • Visit – archives at Bowling Green State University
  • Project – compare Guymager, Fiwalk and BitCurator when processing a specific dataset; use a “real” dataset if possible
  • Visit – Hathi Trust in Ann Arbor
  • Collaboration – workshop activity to learn about developing posters/presentations for professional meetings (SAA, MMDP, NDSA, etc.), in conjunction with other SLIS student chapters
  • Colloquium or hosting a social media preservation hack
  1. Officers selected:
  • Allie Penn– President
  • Laura – Vice President
  • Lori Eaton – Communications Chair
  • Khari – Research Chair
  • Digital Liaison – open

Students interested in filling one of the open positions should contact Kim Schroeder (ag1797@wayne.edu)

  1. Brief recap of MMDP meeting held on Oct. 13 & 14, 2016 at MSU
  • Presentations will be posted on the MMDP website: midmichdp.wordpress.com
  • Next MMDP meeting is planned for March 23 & 24, 2017 and will be held at the Reuther Library on Wayne State’s campus
  1. Tour of SLIS Digital Media Lab and review of ongoing projects.
  • Ernie Harwell papers
  • MOCAD drive mapping
  • DSpace

To learn more about digital preservation and/or to volunteer for projects in the lab, contact Kim Schroeder (ag1797@wayne.edu).

Submitted by: Lori Eaton