Active Members

Active members of Wayne State University’s National Digital Stewardship Alliance Student Chapter are listed below along with a link to a portfolio, CV, etc. when provided by the member. Active members participated in a majority of the monthly meetings over the semester, participated in our colloquium or presented to the group or at a conference, or performed research on behalf of the group. If you are an active member and would like to add a link, please email

Faculty Advisor: Kim Schroeder,


President: Margaret (Margie) Wade,
Vice President: Sandi Svoboda,
Secretary: Marna Clowney-Robinson,
Communications Chair: Veronica Johnson,
Digital Liason: Mike Dutkewych,
Research Chairperson: Roxanne Brazell,

Current Active Members:

2015-2016 list to be posted soon.

Archive of Active Members:

Adam Mosseri
Alexandra Orchard (Inaugural WSU NDSA President)
Angie Yip
Aubrey Maynard
Bradley Woodruff (Inaugural WSU NDSA Digital Liason)
Chris Bonadio
Christina Hollowell
Courtney Whitmore
Dale Russell
Laura Gentry
Lauren Schroeder
Lisa Phillips (Inaugural WSU NDSA Vice President)
Lura Smith
Margaret Diaz
Roxanne Brazell


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