International Digital Preservation Day

International Digital Preservation Day November 30, 2017 was the first International Digital Preservation Day (#IDPD17) The goal of this special day, held on the last Thursday of every November, is to promote digital preservation. Everyone; industry, commerce, government, and the public use digital materials. Genealogy and historical records, financial information, medical files, and research data are some examples of data stored digitally in collections all over the world. Over time, digital collections decay or the mediums they are saved on become obsolete. As members of the library and information science community, it is our duty to preserve these collections before they are gone forever. We must keep current with digital preservation standards, transfer collections from old digital media to new ones, and educate the general public about digital archiving.

The Wayne State National Digital Stewardship Alliance is an organization focused on preserving digital. We complete projects assisting local institutions preserve their digital records. Additionally we work towards educating ourselves and our fellow students about the issues digital curators do and will continue to face as technology evolves.

Check out these digital preservation resources:

Library of Congress Digital Preservation 

Digital Preservation Coalition


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