This Week in NDSA: Digital Preservation and the Audiovisual community

On the Library of Congress Digital Preservation blog, The Signal,  members of the archival community discussed recent digital preservation and access strategies for audiovisual archiving. As part of the annual Association of Moving Image Archivists conference, archivists developed potential proposals that would generate conversation about preservation and audiovisuals. Some of the proposals included:

  • Digital preservation in practice (strategies)
  • How to preserve: sharing, learning, and building collaboratively (innovation and practical engagement)
  • Dissolving boundaries: the necessity of multi-disciplinary input for preservation (borrow and steal from people smarter than us)
  • Transitioning from a short-term digital preservation project to a long-term program (sustainability)

According to the blog post:

“The shifting focus towards digital preservation is an opportunity to dissolve the manufactured boundary between A/V and still image (or other) content and include audiovisual specialists in broader discussions of preservation and access. For us, the broad-based support that our stream proposal received has been a clear indicator of both a pressing need and collective desire to address some of the practical, theoretical, and ontological questions that digital preservation raises for some of our colleagues.”

To read more the proposals, click here


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Veronica Grandison is a freelance writer and online project manager. She writes about music and entertainment for various local Detroit publications.

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