This Week in NDSA: Informal DCM Opportunity Part II

In This Week in NDSA, our secretary Roxanne Brazell, discusses her affiliation with the Art Colony of Morongo Valley, a prominent community of artists and crafters, who is looking to archive and preserve its historical artifacts. This is the second of the three part blog series by Roxanne.

A few weeks back I introduced you to the Art Colony of Morongo Valley, an art and craft guild in southern California. At the time were just beginning to assess the individual collection of items that each board member has in their possession.

Plus, some of the board members have limited knowledge in digital curation, so I found an article that we reviewed together on how to evaluate a digital asset management (DAM) program to meet our needs. The questions from the article linked above helped each of us articulate our goals for the collection. We sat with our historian and discussed why we would like to create an archive for our organization. The goal is to bring the collection together through a digital repository that we can share with our members and potentially the community.

Key considerations for the ACOMV Preservation Project


We reviewed a sampling of news articles and some physical photographs. It was clear that most of our artifacts are from the local newspaper publisher. As I mentioned in my previous post, ensuring that we do not infringe on anyone’s copyright is one of the first concerns for the group. Second, we have a simple collection of articles and photos that will be rather easy to catalog as opposed to having several other media types, such as letters, bulletin, etc.

We may add short videos in the future, but have opted to delay whether we will archive them in a DAM application. We are excited about bringing the items together as a collection to organize, catalog, preserve and share it. The print items from the collection will remain intact with each board member and a digital replica will be created in the near future. This completed assessment of the collection will make it easier for us to evaluate DAM programs. However, we will revisit how the collection will be accessed and used by members and potentially the community after we review different applications. At the time of the discussion, our group was split on how to proceed with this. In mid-January, I’ll share our research on different DAM programs that we are considering and may have a decision about which one we plan to use.


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