This Week in NDSA – Great Lakes THATCamp 2015

This Week in NDSA, Communications Chair Veronica Johnson gives an overview of the group’s upcoming unconference.

NDSA is gearing up for its first THATCamp, which will take place September 26 from 9:30am to 3:30pm in the Ungergraduate Library on campus. So, just what is aTHATCamp? THATCamp stands for The Humanities and Technology Camp, and is an open, informal meeting where people from humanities and technological backgrounds get together and discuss issues pertaining to their field. THATCamp is mainly open to graduate students, scholars, librarians, archivists, museum professionals, educators, etc.

This unconference is hosted by groups all over the world, and for the first time in NDSA history we will be hosting our own event.

The NDSA officers have been hard at work planning this event over the summer and the theme of the event is audio preservation and management. There will be representatives from several local cultural institutions at the unconference who will be sharing their insight on the preservation issues.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit our Great Lakes THATCamp website:

Registration ends on September 14.


About ronnie613

Veronica Grandison is a freelance writer and online project manager. She writes about music and entertainment for various local Detroit publications.

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