This Week in NDSA – Preparing to Present a Poster

This week’s post comes from Vice-President, Lauren Schroeder!

This week in NDSA, many of our student members are preparing to present at the April 24, 2015 Colloquium, Putting the Pieces Together: Digital Curation, Preservation, and Metadata. Some students are putting together posters to present research and experience in the field of Library and Information Science, while others are working on lecture presentations.

For my information behavior class, I wrote a literature review on how user experience design can help users overcome emotional barriers during their search process. After my submission to present the paper as a poster was accepted, I had to determine how to distill the paper down into edible bits that can be effectively communicated to colloquium attendees. While it takes some thought and preparation, the process has been valuable to me, because it has allowed me to really be able to communicate my findings in a quick, but effective way.

Our student members’ research can be seen at the Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science on Friday,April 24, 2015 from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m., alongside other notable scholars in our field.

If you have not already, read more about the event here(link)!


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