This Week in NDSA – Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners Meeting

This Week in NDSA, Courtney Whitmore talks about attending the Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners meeting last Friday in Ann Arbor, MI.

This meeting of the Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners (MMDP) was held at the Hatcher Graduate Library on the University of Michigan’s campus. The group holds meeting a few times a year, and travels around to a different institution (so far) for each meeting.

The meeting agenda is generally similar but changes a bit each time because each meeting is influenced quite strongly by feedback from the last meeting. There is a small committee which plans every meeting, but throughout the process, the planners do ask the body of potential attendees and interesting parties (through the group listserv) about what they would like to see at the next meeting or who they would like to speak, if that’s the case. I think the emphasis on input and group member participation is one of the aspects that make this group and these meetings so dynamic and engaging.

In this meeting in particular there were quite a lot of “Lightning Talks” and it had the first official poster session (I think?), which was a rousing success! To read a more in-depth overview of the meeting talks, please see my longer blog post about it here.

You can learn more about the MMDP and their meetings either by reading that post, or by visiting their webpage via the Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections’ website here.

You can view the specific agenda and meeting content from last Friday’s meeting here.

Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. Photo credit Hannah Brookhart, 2015

Hatcher Graduate Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. 

Photo credit © Hannah Brookhart, 2015


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