This Week in NDSA: The Smithsonian Transcription Center

This week in NDSA, Chris Bonadio gives us a quick introduction to the Smithsonian Transcription Center!

Looking for experience as a digital volunteer?  Do you enjoy History?  Botany?  Look no further than the Smithsonian Transcription Center.  The Transcription Center provides virtual hands-on experience in digital content management.

Volunteers can choose from a number of different projects, such as the The Bumblebee Project, Vernon Bailey Field Notes, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics DASCH Project (as seen on the TV show, COSMOS), and many more.  Each project involves transcribing handwritten documents into a digital, machine-readable format.  Here are some general instructions provided by the Transcription center (

I started working on the Bumble Project about a year ago.  You can read the instructions here:  For more information about available projects and how to register for free, visit the website at  Have fun!

Image from "The Bumblebee Project"

Image from “The Bumblebee Project”


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