This Week in NDSA: The Graystone International Jazz Museum

This Week in NDSA, Veronica Grandison, talks about her experiences with the Detroit Sound Conservancy and the Graystone Museum in Detroit.

I’m a first-year MLIS student at Wayne State specializing in archival administration. I have a passion for music history and archives, so I was really excited when I got the opportunity to work with the Detroit Sound Conservancy to help restore the legacy of the Graystone International Jazz Museum.

The Graystone museum was a local institution which housed an archival collection composed of local jazz memorabilia and materials from the Graystone Ballroom, which was a popular dance venue in the city during the 1920s. WSU student Richard Marcil and I wrote and presented a paper about the Graystone Museum at the DSC’s Sound Conference in May 2014. Our research led to the discovery of the Graystone archival materials and now the DSC is in the process of raising funds to help secure the collection, inventory its content and plan for a sustainable solution to the Graystone legacy.

For more information about the Graystone Museum and how you can help, check out the DSC website:

Veronica Grandisongraystonemanning


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