This Week in NDSA: Preservation of Video Games

This week Adam Mosseri gives a brief introduction to an interesting topic – digital preservation of video games!

Did you know that there is an effort to preserve virtual worlds? Currently there is an effort in the digital preservation community pushing for the preservation of video games.

In 2010, the Preserving Virtual Worlds project team met to discuss how institutions could start to collect and preserve virtual worlds that are present in complex multi-player video games. With hardware and software obsolescence on the rise for non-popular video gaming platforms these teams are attempting to address intellectual property issues associated with the preservation of video games, as well as developing methods to overcome the challenge of capturing the metadata of these virtual worlds. As a part of this effort the Preserving Virtual Worlds project team created the Archiving Virtual Worlds Collection. The collection address the historical importance of preserving these virtual worlds and attempts to promote the continued research into the digital preservation of video games.

In 2012 members of the Wayne State University NDSA student organization worked on this subject matter and presented a poster. You can view the poster here: Current Issues and Future Solutions within Digital Preservation of Video Games.


So the next time you are playing your favorite video game, consider whether or not and how the content will be preserved.

sega genesis

What will eventually happen to the old games and systems…?



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