Adam Mosseri,  Lauren Schroeder, Courtney Whitmore, Mike Dutkewych, Chris Bonadio, Veronica  Grandison, Marna, Nicole Wandolowski, Hannah Brookhart, Jessica K., Rachel Esguerra

This meeting was online only.

1.  2015 WSU NDSA Colloquium

The final day for submissions was February 8th, 2015.  If you did submit an abstract, we will review it and get back to you after February 15th.  We may extend the deadline.  Please check back.

Remember, you can always collaborate on a presentation (poster or lecture).

Please email us at wsundsa@gmail.com with any questions.

2.  Presentation

NDSA President, Adam Mosseri, gave a presentation concerning best practices for making Colloquium presentations called, “Getting Started in Presenting,” based on a PowerPoint document created by the NDSA faculty advisor, Kim Schroeder.   A copy of the presentation can be found here: Lecture_PosterPresentations

3.  “This Week in NDSA…”

Are you working on a project in digital curation or preservation?  If so, we would like you to contribute to our biweekly series, “This Week in NDSA…”  Just submit a 100-150 word Microsoft Word document explaining your project.  Please include 1 picture.  Please send your submissions to Courtney Whitmore, courtney.whitmore@wayne.edu.

4.  WSU NDSA Tours

What type of tours or events should we try to do this year?  Submit your ideas to wsundsa@gmail.com.

We are touring Quicken on March 4th.

5.  Summer Projects

Interested in doing any summer projects?  A list of summer projects should be available soon.  Contact Kim Schroeder at ag1797@wayne.edu with questions.


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