Online Attendees: Courtney Whitmore, Hannah Brookhart, Kiron, Marna, Nakenya Lewis, Crystal Thomas, Byrd, Chris Bonadio

In-person Attendees: Lauren Schroeder, Kim Schroeder, Mike Dutkewych, Anita Millers

New NDSA Officers Announced:

Adam Mosseri—President

Lauren Schroeder—Vice President/Treasurer

Courtney Whitmore—Marketing/Public Relations

Roxanne Brazell—Research Chair

Christopher (Chris) Bonadio—Secretary

Mike Dutkewych—Digital Liaison


NDSA member Courtney Whitmore gave an excellent presentation covering the digital archival and preservation research she is participating in at Michigan State University involving the open access, digital preservation tool,  Archivematica.  The PowerPoint presentation is attached to this post Whitmore_WSUNDSA_Archivmatica

Click here for more information on Archivematica: https://www.archivematica.org

News and Announcements:

The WSU NDSA Converge & Ingest Colloquium will be held on April 24, 2015.

Individuals can participate in the following ways (not required for NDSA membership):

–Complete a poster presentation.

— Do an oral presentation

–Volunteer to help with setting up for the event

–Just attend, either virtually or in-person, for the fun and fellowship!

Posters and presentations can be done individually or in groups.  The submission deadline for topics will probably be in January, 2015.

Further details forthcoming!

Volunteer Opportunities:

 Wayne State University’s Chapter of the NDSA provides many opportunities for distance and on-campus students to participate in digital stewardship.

A.  Gordon L. Grosscup Museum of Anthropology

Volunteers are needed to help digitize slides and other materials at WSU’s Gordon L. Grosscup Museum of Anthropology.  Please contact Adam Mosseri  at adam.mosseri@wayne.edu if you are interested.  At this point, all work is done on-campus.

B.  Open Projects (Contact Kim Schroeder at ag1797@wayne.edu if you are interested in any of the following projects)

 1.  SLIS DSpace Project–WayneBrain

Volunteers are still needed to contribute to the growth of our SLIS digital archive, called WayneBrain.

Examples of volunteer opportunities here are:

-Scan/upload images to the repository (on-campus).

-Catalogue (i.e. provide metadata) the uploaded images.

-Research old faculty publications for inclusion in the archive.

2.  Web Capture

Kim is working on a “web capture” tool research project.  Please email Kim for details.

More information about these projects and more can be found in this document NDSA_Resume_Builders

Also, NDSA activities are largely student driven.  If you have any suggestions about potential projects or activities (e.g. tours, speakers, lectures), please contact the faculty advisor, Kim Schroeder, at ag1797@wayne.edu.    


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