September 2014 Meeting Recap and Minutes

In Person: Adam Mosseri, Kim Schroeder, Lauren Schroeder, Mike Dutkewyck (Other in-person attendees to be added)

Online: Amanda Seppala, Byrd, Chris Bonadio, Courtney Whitmore, Hannah Brookhart, Jackie Freeman, Jennifer Wright, Jessica, Jessica, Kiron, Laura Gentry, Liz, Mekie Kukan, Peggy, Samantha Lawrence, Stephanie York,  and Crystal Thomas

Welcome back everyone!  We spent a majority of the meeting telling about our group and how it fits into NDSA.  We also recapped Digital Preservation 2014 and what we learned at this amazing conference.  Since we discussed several websites, here are some of the links mentioned.

Hangout Spot for Libraries, Archives, and Museums:

Cultural Heritage Information Management (CHIM) Forum

Bit Curator:

Memento for Time Travel (Web Archiving)l: or

Our advisor, Kim Schroeder, also shared the highlights of her presentation on web archiving and conducting a quality assessment of the tools and websites captured.

We elected new officers.  Here are the results:

President: Adam Mosseri

Vice-President/Treasurer: Lauren Schroeder

Secretary: Chris Bonadio

Marketing and Events Chair: Courtney Whitmore

Digital Liaison: Mike Dutkewyck

Research: We have tabled this officer position until the next meeting.

The rest of our meeting dates for the semester are:

October 11th 1:30 EST

November 21st (Friday) 7:30pm EST

Please note the new time.  We moved it half an hour later to accommodate some of our officers’ schedules.


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