Thank you WSU NDSA!

I was writing a Blackboard post in response to one of my classmates regarding my participation in WSU NDSA. I graduate at the end of the month and felt that it would also be appropriate to share here what a difference WSU NDSA has made for me in my time as a MLIS candidate at Wayne State University.

I think it has provided me with skills, experiences, and networking opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. It has also increased my confidence in my own abilities as well. I am very introverted and continually work on being more outgoing. Since the creation of the group, I have taken meeting minutes, written blog posts, worked on research projects, helped create a public service announcement, created poster presentations, worked on digital projects using DSpace and Fedora, presented at national Digital Preservation conferences, written facebook posts, coordinated a guest speaker for one of our meetings and completed paperwork submitted to WSU DOSO to confirm our group as an official student organization; all while living in the Seattle Washington area. Over spring break, I completed an internship at NARA-KC. I felt like being a part of WSU NDSA gave me the confidence to apply and put myself out there. Kim Schroeder is an awesome faculty advisor for the group and provides encouragement to everyone to pursue goals, do research, and have an impact on the profession. There is no time requirement to participate. If you can only attend one meeting, that is ok. If you can do something on a project or help out in some other way that is ok too. I would highly recommend this student organization to anyone.



About Aubrey Maynard

I am the Vice President for the WSU NDSA Student Group. I have been doing genealogy for a little more than 10 years. A large portion of my research is done on-line. I work as a receptionist at a local software company. I love to read. I have a husband and a puppy who love me to pieces.

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