Minutes January 2014

Online Attendees: Annakathryn Parker, Aubrey Maynard, Chris Bonadio, Claire Cheng, Courtney Whitmore, Julie Teran, Roxanne Brazell, Samantha Lawrence, Laura Gentry, and Justine Tobiaz

In Person Attendees: Adam Mosseri, Katie Schroeder, Kim Schroeder, Lauren Schrader, and Tom

Events and Projects:

We are resuming working on DSpace and creating an archive of the SLIS program.  Scanning is resuming this month, and metadata should fully get underway by February.  If you are interested in helping, contact Kim Schroeder or Adam Mosseri.

Web archiving project coming this summer!  We will be partnering with the Archive Team to web archive important pages for Detroit as the city faces bankruptcy.  More details to come!

Alternative Spring Break: These are great opportunities for students to build their resume.  WSU NDSA is looking at bake sales and a travel grant to help students fund trips and present and conferences. We also are thinking about t-shirts.  Contact Adam Mosseri if you are willing to man a bake sale table.  See below for the alternative break announcement.

The Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science Announces Expanded Partnerships with National Cultural Institutions:

In conjunction with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the Freer Archives at the Smithsonian, the School is offering a condensed internship in Washington DC and other local NARA offices as well as a Presidential Library.  This will happen during Wayne State’s Spring Break which is March 10-14, 2014.  This is a great resume enhancement but it is not for credit.

Candidates will be hand chosen from the pool of applicants.  This is competitive and applicants will need to be able to pay for airfare, a reduced hotel rate(in DC) and other living expenses.  The School is supportive of student fund-raisers, however, and is examining ways to assist students in coordinating bake sales or other options.

NARA Projects include working on authority files for various departments or processing collections, working with FOIA and Presidential Records, implementing a Citizen Archivist Program, needs assessments for web site improvement, and planning for non-standard sized materials. For more detail, see the below list.

The Freer project involves research related to the Detroit home of Charles Lang Freer and the scanning of his personal archival material for further research.

These kinds of projects can give you the edge in job searching when you graduate so please consider this great opportunity.

Please submit a resume, three references and a cover letter to the Project Coordinator, Kim Schroeder (ag1797@wayne.edu) by February 3, 2014.
In your cover letter please mention what types of skills you desire to develop and which location that you prefer.
Students must have satisfactorily taken LIS 7710, had some metadata coursework or job experience and be a current student.

NARA Proposed Projects:

Facility:  George H.W. Bush Presidential Library (LP-GB), Address: 1000 George Bush Drive West, College Station, TX 77845

Project Description:The Wayne Student will participate in a large project to rebox, preserve and relocate our unclassified holdings. This project includes hands-on work with the records, limited preservation, the transfer/disposition of non-record materials and database management. Finally, we will provide the student with a basic “intro to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)” course that will provide a broad overview on the FOIA process at Presidential Records Act (PRA) libraries from intake to review to the research room.  This part of the program will include readings that are provided as part of our new employee orientation. At the end of the program, the student will leave with a solid understanding of how a presidential library manages the FOIA process.

Facility: NARA – Ft. Worth, Address: 1400 John Burgess Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76140.  

Project Description:The student will scan all of NARA’s documents relating to Labor Leader Humberto Silex and write a blog about the documents and subject. Among our records we have a small court case out of El Paso (that includes transcripts, information on evidence, reply briefs, exhibits, petitions, motions, subpoenas, findings of facts, and correspondence); Silex’s naturalization papers; and a larger court case in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals involving the National Labor Relations Board.  This would be a very interesting project that will help other researchers.  Upon completion, the images will be uploaded onto NARA’s Online Public Access (OPA) system.

Facility:  NARA – Kansas City, Address: 400 West Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO 64108

Project Description:  The National Archives at Kansas City invites participation from a graduate student interested in working with digitization and public outreach. The ASBP intern will join a team of Research Services staff members organizing and implementing a Citizen Archivist (CA) event giving members of the public the opportunity to digitize pre-selected original records for inclusion in Online Public Access (OPA). The event, open to pre-registered patrons, will be held on the morning of Tuesday, March 11, 2013, in the textual research room at the National Archives at Kansas City. The ASBP intern will help with event preparation and set-up; participate in the CA event itself by providing assistance and support to participants as needed; and provide follow-up after the event. The follow-up activities will include completing any CA digitization projects not finished during the event; cropping and naming the images according to agency protocols and standards; and preparing the images for submission to the OPA staff. The ASBP intern will also select one or more images of particular interest, and write brief articles about them to be published as posts on the National Archives at Kansas City Facebook page and/or Twitter feed. The successful ASBP intern will be highly skilled at Microsoft Word and Excel, and experienced using flatbed scanners, digital cameras, and associated software, particularly Microsoft Office Picture Manager. The intern should be focused, yet flexible; detail-oriented; careful at proofreading; able to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing; and be able to work well as part of a highly collegial team.  An educational background in American history will provide intellectual context, and enhance the intern’s interactions with the records. Casual modest dress is encouraged for staff not interacting directly with the public; business casual attire is suitable for the CA event. The staff break room features refrigerators and a microwave for personal use. The National Archives at Kansas City is located on a city bus route and also provides ample parking.

Facility:  NARA – Chicago, Address:  7358 South Pulaski Road, Chicago, IL 60629 

Project Description:  Students will receive an overview of functions performed at National Archives Chicago facility. This will include:

  • Contribute to an ongoing processing project of maritime records;
  • Assist with reference operations;
  • Interview and observing staff in functions such as accessioning, records management, description, and outreach;
  • Contribute to an ongoing holdings maintenance project; and
  • Update our finding aids with the records they reviewed.

Facility: NARA – College Park, MD, Address: 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740

Project Description: Draft Concept of Improved Agency Services Web Presence

The NARA Transformation created Agency Services and clustered five programs (Office of the Chief Records Officer, Federal Records Centers Program, Information Security Oversight Office, National Declassification Center, and Office of Government Information Services) under Agency Services.  Agency Services leads NARA’s efforts to meet the ongoing records management needs of the Federal Government and represent the public interest in the accountability and transparency of this management.  Archives.gov does not currently make information on Agency Services and the five programs easily accessible to Federal employees and the public. Archives.gov webpages for CRO, FRCP, and ISOO are fairly complete and somewhat easy to find on Archives.gov when accessed through the Federal Employees link.  However, webpages for Agency Services, NDC, and OGIS are only available through the NARA Organizations link on Archives.gov.  Visitors to Archives.gov who click on the Federal Agencies link are taken only to the FRCP webpage.

The Agency Services presence on Archives.gov needs to be improved.  We would propose a student project that involves the following:

  1. Conduct interviews with Agency Services staff on the as-is and to-be Agency Services web presence.
  2. Conduct interviews with each of the Agency Services programs (CRO, FRCP, ISOO, NDC, and OGIS) on the as-is and to-be Agency Services web presence.
  3. Conduct interviews with NARA Communications staff on Archives.gov rules and regulations.
  4. Conduct interviews with selected Agency Services customers (one large, medium, and small customer) on the as-is and to-be Agency Services web presence.
  5. Compile all interview information with an Executive Summary.
  6. Draft a rough concept of an Agency Services webpage that would include links to the five programs.

Facility:  NARA – College Park, MD,  Address: 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740

 Project Description: This proposal is for at least one intern to assist with the Description Project in the Textual Records Processing Unit at Archives II in College Park, Maryland. The intern will be assigned to an archivist and will assist in gathering information for assigned records in the stacks. The student will learn how to determine creating organizations, inclusive dates, and arrangement of assigned series within a record group and then use that information to create series descriptions that meet NARA’s descriptive standards. The student will also shadow the archivist through the process of creating a description for NARA’s online catalog as well as updating our Holdings Management System.

Facility:  NARA – College Park, MD, Address: 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740

Project Description: This proposal is for one intern to assist with processing oversized records from the RG-60 (Department of Justice) Class 60 (antitrust) Litigation Case File Oversized Enclosures collection. This collection of non-standard sized material contains artifacts, ledgers, volumes, binders, maps, charts, and other items that have unique handling and special housing needs. The student will learn how to identify material that cannot be housed in standard containers; how to measure for custom housing; and the correct methods for storing material in custom housing. The student will also learn how to handle non-paper based material such as artifacts and electronic media. The Class 60 (Antitrust) Litigation Case File Oversized Enclosures (entry number A1-COR-60-6) collection contains approximately 270 volumes and 400 cubic feet of other unidentified oversized records.

Converge and Ingest Colloquium: Building a Toolbox

We are looking for students to speak or present a poster.  This is a great opportunity, and the deadline is February 15th.  All the details about the submission process are available on our blog. If you would like to collaborate with someone, please send an e-mail to wsundsa@gmail.com.

Digital Preservation Tool Demo: We looked at the California Digital Library’s Web Archiving service, which will shortly be available in the SLIS lab.  We watched the two videos, Create and Capture Sites and Archive Your Domain.

Upcoming Meetings: February Joint Meeting with SAA and a digital forensics lecture by Kim Schroeder.


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