November Meeting PLUS! Digital Forensics Lecture by SLIS’s Own Kim Schroeder!

On Saturday, November 16th we will be having our monthly meeting. We will be meeting to discuss several new and exciting projects and upcoming lectures. These projects will offer students the opportunity to gain hands on experience and broaden your skills in the profession. The projects include working with DSpace and also for awesome organizations like Popup Archive and ArchiveTeam (look them up and be amazed).

Here is a detailed layout of some of the projects we have available:

The School of Library and Information Science at Wayne State University is partnering with Archive Team and Pop-up Archives for some innovative (alas unpaid) student projects.  The summaries are listed below and may qualify for an archival or digital content management practicum project.

Archive Team is a ground breaking organization that preserves web sites that are ending.  They have been instrumental in saving many social media sites that have closed quickly as well as being proactive to save web content in troubled areas.  They have offered our students the opportunity to preserve Detroit-oriented websites via their web preservation process.  This is a great opportunity to become familiar with the tools for capturing web sites, as well as the creation of descriptive content for long-term preservation.

Pop-Up Archive is a system to create archives for smaller institutions.  This was created while they were in Library school.  They focus primarily on audio and are interested in our students working on the Kitchen Sisters Archive (heard on NPR) and Illinois Public Media (see below).

Kitchen Sisters legacy metadata integration
The Kitchen Sisters have been producing radio stories for NPR and public broadcast for over 30 years. They chronicle the B-side of history—seldom heard voices, immigrant’s stories, little known histories; the traditions and rituals people.
For this project, the team will assist on a NEH Digital Humanities Startup Grant to design and implement a process for integrating pre-existing Kitchen Sisters text transcripts and metadata spreadsheets with audio files in Pop Up Archive. The team will be responsible for end-to-end project life cycle with oversight from Pop Up Archive and developers at the Public Radio Exchange.
Desired skill sets: metadata modeling, scripting, cataloging, project management, enthusiasm for public media.
Technology involved: Ruby on Rails app, Postgres database, scripting in language of your choice.
Illinois Public Media PBCore metadata modeling
Illinois Public Media is a not-for-profit public media service of the College of Media at the University of Illinois, educating, entertaining, inspiring and empowering by airing the best of public television and radio programs.
For this project, the team will prepare one or more detailed mappings from PBCore, the broadcast public media metadata standard, to the Pop Up Archive metadata schema, and using Illinois Public Media content as a use case. The PBCore metadata schema is robust and flexible, so mappings can be approached in multiple ways.
Desired skill sets: metadata modeling, cataloging, enthusiasm for public media.
Technology involved: PBCore XML, potentially XSLT, XPath.
The DSpace project that our group started last Winter Term is still a work in progress. The goal of the project it to document and preserve the history of our LIS program here at Wayne State. Currently, we need more metadata procedures set, scanning and indexing of the archives of the program. This project is a great way to get your feet wet with working with digital repositories and you will be directly contributing to our program’s legacy.

If you are interested in working on these projects, please contact Kim Schroeder.  These are new adventures and we are still working out the details, but first we need to know if students are interested.  Students can further develop current skills and publish or present from these projects!

This work can be done on-site at WSU or at home for our distance students!

These are great resume builders, so make sure to stop by (physically or virtually) if you can! If not, please contact Kim for more information!

Speaking of which, we will also be hosting a lecture directly after the meeting (at around 1:15 PM EST), given by Kim Schroeder. Kim is a SLIS Lecturer, Career Adviser  and also our very awesome, award-winning Faculty Adviser. The lecture will be focused on Digital Forensics.

Here is some background on what the lecture will entail:

In the development of digital preservation, more and more tools are needed to preserve, migrate and analyze high volumes of digital content.  Some tools exist in the criminal justice profession to analyze illegal computer behavior, espionage, malicious code, etc.  Cal Lee and Kam Woods of the UNC School of Library and Information Science are incorporating these tools into Digital Forensics for Archivists.  The WSU Digital Projects Lab has installed their software for our students.

Kim will be lecturing on this avenue for digital preservation management and demonstrating these tools.

Please feel free to join us either in person on the third floor of the Purdy-Kresge or on adobe connect remotely at We look forward to hearing from new and current NDSA-WSU members in person and online at the meeting!


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