Name that DSpace!

The Wayne State University School of Library and Information Science is currently in the process of creating an archive of the school’s history using a software platform called DSpace. DSpace is an open source application designed to create and manage repositories for digital content. In other words, it allows institutions, groups, and businesses to create a place where they can store and preserve digital content such as documents, images and web pages. The software also provides an interface for outside individuals to view and/or download the content.  Being open source, it is free and fully configurable. DSpace is widely used in the information community, including government intuitions, museums, and universities. The process of installing, configuring, maintaining and generating content for DSpace provides our students with critical experience they can use when entering the workforce.

That being said, we find ourselves in a bit of a quandary. Many institutions that use DSpace  have a unique name for their repository, from Rhodes College’s Dlynx to Duke University’s DukeSpace . We would like to carry on that tradition, but we need your help. We’d like your suggestions as to what to name our DSpace repository. To submit your suggestions, just go to the NSDA Facebook page and post a comment HERE. Suggestions should be submitted by June 24th. The contest is limited to WSU SLIS students only, please. We’ll narrow down the submissions (if necessary), and post the top five for a final vote. So, don’t be shy, and help us get this project off to a great start!


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