March 2013 Meeting Minutes

In-Person: Camille Chidsey, Kim Schroeder and Kevin Barton

Online: Aubrey Maynard,  Bigscreen, Caitlin Brennecke, Courtney Whitmore, Laura Gentry,  Kelly Kietur, Lura Smith, Margaret Diaz,  and Thomas Garrish

Henry Ford Tour:  It was a great experience, and there is such a digital preservation gap in the literature that we can fill.  Here are some of random things that Henry Ford has in its possession:

  • Letter about setting up a Ford dealership in the Vatican
  • Recipes
  • Henry Ford’s driver’s license which he got at the age of 45.

Kickstarter:  Dr. Bajjaly worked miracles and got the Kickstarter through legal and development.  We now have WSU account numbers.   Tentative launch date of April 1st.


Kim: Amazon and final setup of Kickstarter

Camille and Laura: SLIS blog post

Kristin: SLIS and listserv lists

Lura and Courtney:  Flyers

Caitlin: Flyers to SAA meeting

Everyone: Personal social media blitz

Research ideas: We will put a project page on the blog.  We are considering doing a presentation on comparison/contrast between DSpace, Fedora, and Omeka.

WSU Libraries: We are looking to partner with them to get hands-on experience with migration and metadata on a variety of projects.

Digital Project: Kim has been working on organizing a digital project for class credit for this summer. You can also volunteer. This project will have components both campus and online students.   If you are interested, e-mail her and let her know about how many hours you could devote to the project.

NDSA Paid Internship: It is in Maryland and has to do with infrastructure.  More details are forthcoming.

DSpace Contest:  We are going to hold a contest to name WSU’s DSpace.  We might host it via Facebook.


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