January 2013 Meeting Minutes

In Person Attendance: Kim Schroeder, Laura Smith, Camille Chidsey, and
On-Line: Aubrey Maynard, Margaret Diaz; Tammy VanDer Mollen, Kelly Kietur, and Margaret Diaz

We held our first meeting of the semester this past Saturday.  Here is a recap of the meeting and a preview of what happening next.


We had several vacancies and elected new officers.

President: Camille Chidsey
Research Co-Chairs: Kelly Kietur and Courtney Whitmore
Digital Liaison: Kevin Barton

There will be a meeting for all the officers later this month, so watch for a e-mail from Kim.


Our goal is to use Kickstarter, a micro-financing tool, to help fund a professional public service announcement (PSA) on digital preservation and put on the school’s YouTube channel and possibly television.  Last summer, we created this video and presented it Digital Preservation 2012 in Washington D.C.  It was our proof of concept, and we hope to make it more professional by receiving funding through Kickstarter.  This fall, Kim wrote our Kickstarter proposal and got the logistics and approval for it from NDSA, SLIS, WSU, and several lawyers.  We are doing the final editing, and the tentative launch date is March 1st. T


  • NDSA Outreach- blog post for the Signal, which is the official publication of the national NDSA.  We are excited to contribute a blog post to this publication.
  • Marketing Strategy- We need to develop a marketing strategy (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for both the group as well as our Kickstarter campaign. One of the reasons is to get more students and alumni involved and hopefully assist in the creation of a professional video on digital preservation.
  • Schools Listservs- Kim has access to Simmons’ server.

Events and Next Month’s Meeting:

  • Henry Ford Tour- This tour will give us a better idea of doing digital preservation on a budget.  We are looking at the end of February or the first part of March.  More details to come.
  • Digital Preservation Employment- Kim will put together a presentation for our February meeting on taking skills learned through digital preservation and transitioning them into a job.
  • October Colloquium: We have received positive feedback on the colloquium with over 100 people attending in person and on-line.  Do we want this to be an annual event?  It will be on the agenda for our next meeting.

Discussion Points:

  • New Digital Lab is an additional asset.
  •  Kim did a class for people over 55 years old who wanted to work on the digital preservation of their photos.
  • Personal Digital Archiving Kit
  • Training- We all agree it needs to be more of an emphasis of the group.
    • Discussed YouTube tutorials
    • Helping out smaller collections (Help me, help you)
    • Dspace and Omeka (open source)
    • Attending Professional Conferences-Tweet and share what you learned. Don’t forget to network!  Aubrey is attending ALA Midwinter.
    • Meeting Time- No time is perfect, announce meetings further in advance to help people plan to attend.

On the Horizon:

  • DigPres Conference in Washington D.C. (NDIPP and NDSA’s Annual Conference) We need cheap ways to get there and attend the conference.  You can fly to Baltimore and take the train.  Kim is meeting with the director to work on budget for student conference travel.
  • Regional DP Meeting:
    Lance Stuchell is trying to get a group together, and Kim told them they could meet here at WSU. This is still in the planning stages.

What do you think?

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