October 2012 Monthly Minutes

Saturday, October 20, 2012


In Person:Kelly Kietur, Bradley Woodruff, Lisa Phillips, Camille Chidsey, and Kim Schroeder

Online: Margaret Diaz, Courtney Whitmore, Aubrey Maynard, and Laura Gentry

Colloquium Updates:

Laura and Aubrey are working on a survey for our online attendees and will be acting as hosts.  Bradley and David Foote will be acting as technical support and monitoring Q and A from the online audience.  Bradley will work on a welcome screen as people enter Adobe Connect.

SLIS Office is working on easels, and Alexandra will help setup the poster sessions and make a sign in sheet.

Reminders will be going on to participants as well as online RSVPs.  Kristin, Laura, and Aubrey will be handling this part.

Bradley is checking on getting a camera for photos during the event from SLIS.

Kristin and Lisa are working on the online gallery.

Things to do for all NDSA members:

1. Promote in-person attendance

2. Be there at 5 p.m. to setup and help with registration (online at 5:45)

3. Turn in poster and presentations to wsundsa@gmail.com asap if you have not done so already.

Henry Ford Tour

Offer to come and tour the digital preservation facilities.  Working on a date in the Spring, maybe March. More details to come.

Guest Speaker

Topic: Translating digitization skills into a job, looking at November, deciding on an event or just our normal meeting, setting a date after the colloquium.


Kickstarter project to fund our next batch of PSAs has been approved and is ready to go.  Looking to promote it by the end of the year.  Many thanks to Kim for going through red tape and slow bureaucracy and getting this approved!  Many people in the NDSA Outreach group are excited about this Kickstarter project and will help get the word out.  There is now a portable audio recording studio on campus and additional video production help.

Digital Preservation in A Box: Do we want to revamp and redesign the interface as our project for next semester?


What do you think?

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