How to do a Poster Presentation 101

ALA Conference, 1919, from the Library of Congress

Since many of you are creating a research poster for the first time, here are a few ideas and links that are helpful in putting together a poster:

1) Get some ideas on how to describe your research or concept. Here is the link to the descriptions of some of the posters presented at Digital Preservation 2012:

2) Read about putting together a poster.

If you only have time to read one article that covers the whole shebang, read this article, from Library Student Journal: A pathway to professional success: a step-by-step guide for creating poster sessions in library and information studies for MLIS students and new librarians.

The American Library Association website also has an excellent section on Poster Sessions, with examples of abstracts from previous conferences.

2) Look at some sample posters:

DP2012.VideoPSA.poster.V4.2.1.3pdf – this is our group poster from DP2012

Also, google “research posters library and information science” or something like that, and look at the images. That gives you an idea of the variety of poster styles and content that exists.

3) You can work with ready-made templates, if you want to make life simple. This site,, has printing prices that are very competitive with printing locally, especially for the academic super-saver, fast turn-around time, and great service.

If you have other tips or favorite resources on posters, or questions, please feel free to comment! Happy research and writing!  We can’t wait to see you all in action.


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