September 2012 Meeting Minutes

Online Attendees: Alexandra Orchard, Angie Yip, Camille Chidsey, Courtney Whitmore, Dale Russell, Jennifer Millen, Kristen Johnson, Aubrey Maynard, and Laura Gentry

In Person: Lisa Phillips, Bradley Woodruff, Kim Schroeder, Kevin Barton, Kelly Kietur

As it is the beginning of a new school year, we welcomed everyone and provided an overview of the purpose of the group and some of our accomplishments.  We encourage new members to look at to find out more about NDSA and digital preservation as well as like us on Facebook.

Officer Wanted: Research Chairperson

Job Description: Investigates questions or possible topics of discussion for the group.  Helps coordinate research and oversees group members on projects.  Serves as an idea generator.  This is a new position, and the office holder will help shape and define the responsibilities of this office.

With the colloquium coming up, we need extra help and would prefer someone who either an on-campus student or someone who lives relatively close to campus (This is because we have 3 officers who are distance students and two local).  If interested, please e-mail us a 100 word description about yourself and your plans for this office at by Friday, September 21, 2012.  You can expect an announcement of the candidates and an election next week.

Levels of Digital Preservation:

NDSA has been working to develop a chart outlining levels of digital preservation in order to help better allocate and prioritize its resources.  This chart  is open for public comments.  As a group, we want to coordinate our comments, and Dale Russell and Angie Yip will compile and edit our comments into a cohesive presentation of our suggestions.  Post your comments about the Levels of Digital Preservation under our projects tab.

Colloquium Updates

We talked about the physical layout of the event and placement of the posters.  Kim has been coordinating with David Foote on tech logistics and setups.  She has also been working on getting speakers.  There is a general buzz of excitement about the colloquium, and the SLIS administration is thrilled about the event.

We brainstormed several people and groups on who to invite to the colloquium and have posted the invitee list on Converge and Ingest Marketing page.

We want to make sure we have the right amount of content and encourage our members to present posters and create presentations.  Don’t forget you have until Friday, September 21st to e-mail us your submission!  Check out our Call for Posters and Speakers Submissions!

Have some ideas? Want a collaborator? Need to talk about your idea?  Visit the Present/Poster Collaboration page.   We also have a Facebook post to allow you to brainstorm ideas.

As we plan for the colloquium, we are going to use the WordPress site to communicate, and we will have three working teams.

1. Marketing- will handle outreach and communications for presenters and attendees

2. Speakers and presentations – will handle review of submissions, notifications, and documenting the colloquium on the website.

3. Logistics – on campus team of two or three to work on the physical details

Please sign up for a team on the WordPress site!

We also talked about the importance of promoting this event and discussed several flyers (including one with a QR code) to help get the word out.  It is vitally important for people in the Detroit metro area to make plans to attend the event in person and pack out the auditorium.

Next Meeting

Our next colloquium planning meeting will be Sunday, September 30th at 8 p.m. Eastern.  Mark your calendars!


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