ELECTION RESULTS! and First Fall Meetings 9/9 and 9/15

We are happy to announce the results of our recent online election. Congratulations to all! Our new officers for the 2012-13 school year are:

Aubrey Maynard — Vice-President
Laura Gentry — Secretary
Kristin Johnson — Marketing and Events Chairperson
Roxanne Brazell — Research Chairperson

Continuing in their positions:
Lisa Phillips — President (voted in at the August meeting)
Bradley Woodruff — Digital Liaison (Term Jan 2012- Dec 2012)

Our first meeting of the fall semester is Saturday, September 15, at noon. Meet in person in the third floor conference room of Purdy-Kresge, or online at https://connect.slis.wayne.edu/ndsa

Check out our WSU NSDA Student Public Service Announcement (PSA) Preserving Your Digital Past

We also have a planning meeting for our October 23 Colloquium on Sunday, September 9, at 7pm. If you’d like to attend, please rsvp to lsphillips@wayne.edu and we’ll email you the details. We are deciding between Google Hangout and Adobe Connect for the meeting — it depends on how many will be attending. On the Colloquium project page, there are some preparatory questions to think about beforehand. You can comment on the page to share your ideas if you can’t attend, or even if you can attend. If you’re new to the group and don’t have your password for the page, leave a comment below and we’ll email you the password.

Thanks everybody! It’s going to be a great year.


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