August 11, 2012 Meeting (July Meeting) Minutes

In attendance

In person: Bradley Woodruff, Lisa Phillips, Alexandra Orchard, Dale Russell, and Roxanne Brazell

Online: Laura Gentry, Kristin Joy, Margaret Diaz, Aubrey Maynard, Kim Schroeder,


SEI is short for Summer Educational Institute. It happens every summer and is geared towards image management people. It is a four-day meeting dealing with working with visual resource collections. Lisa Phillips, VP of our group had the opportunity to attend. She highlighted the following points from a session on intellectual property rights.

  • Important for us to have our own clear-cut understanding because we will be working with librarians and attorneys that may not have as good of an understanding
  • FAIR USE: see Powerpoint SEI+Overview.pptx shared file (see link in Today’s Meeting Highlights)
  • Four Basic Fair Use Standards (goal: be able to state these)
  1. Criticism, teaching, scholarship or research,
  2. Education or Commercial Purposes
  3. Factual vs Creative works
  4. Amount of original work used: large or small
  • Think on the affect or impact for the original work due to the new work.
  • Think of it as a sliding scale

Kim: The risk assessment of copyright is almost always there and case-law can change how we handle digitization

Lisa felt comfortable at  the conference based on the level of knowledge she gained from courses at WSU.


Familiarize yourself with the acronyms in job postings and work on learning a couple of them.

Embedded Metadata

Embedded by writing it directly into the files: Technical, Descriptive, & Administrative

Types of embedded metadata: TIFF tags, EXIF, IPTC, XMP and XMP Sidecar files: Experiment with using Bridge (for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom)

Websites often offer free trials, YouTube,, University Computer Labs, RDA

They offer scholarships to attend the conference. You also get a certificate from attending.

Recap of Digital Preservation Conference and Video and Poster

We had two posters at the Digital Preservation Conference. One by Alexandra Orchard (President) and one from the group. Everyone who worked on putting posters together agreed that it is important to take opportunities to do so. They gained confidence in the process.


We need a bank account in order to receive Kickstarter funds. The director was on vacation but there will be an account. Successful Kickstarter initiatives are achieved through social media.

A BIG thank you to Rick and everyone at EZPhotoScan for blogging about our group for their August 7, 2012 post.


We discussed what types of things we would like to include in the Colloquium. It will be about two to three hours in length. We are planning to present our Public Service Announcements. We also decided to invite other schools to participate. We are going to try to have some assortment of the following: a panel discussion with 2 or 3 speakers, lightning talks, a session or speaker about jobs in the field, a poster session with refreshments. We will send out a call for papers and speakers. Suggestions for types of people to come speak included someone with experience with a large digital project, someone who works at a really small institution, or someone from Our Ontario. Kim has colleagues that she can invite to be panel speakers. She also intends to bring her class and invite Dr. Holley’s class to attend. We will also be incorporating an on-line component to encourage distance student participation and attendance.

Aubrey Maynard and Kristin Joy were interested in doing posters. Margaret is willing to help. Kristin hopes to drive down from Ontario for the event.

The following tasks will need to be completed by our next meeting:

  1. Blurb for what we are doing to get speakers
  2. Check on room reservation
  3. Call for papers
  4. Formalize the format
  5. Place for posters ( might do food and posters on 3)
  6. Food?


Alexandra is graduating! Our best wishes to her in her new job and many thanks for all of her hard work as our President. How do we want to manage officers?

The Officer Positions are: Digital Rep; President; Vice President; and Secretary. A new officer position of PR/Event Rep will be added as of the Doodle election.

Lisa Phillips was voted in as our new president, vacating the seat of Vice President. Bradley, our current Digital Rep, graduates in December. He will continue to fill that post until that time. Aubrey volunteered to run for Vice President, so the Secretary position will also be voted on in the election.

Watch your email in boxes for the election details!


About Aubrey Maynard

I am the Vice President for the WSU NDSA Student Group. I have been doing genealogy for a little more than 10 years. A large portion of my research is done on-line. I work as a receptionist at a local software company. I love to read. I have a husband and a puppy who love me to pieces.

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