Today’s Meeting Highlights

Ever wonder what we talk about at our meetings? You can’t tell what the in-person folks said, exactly, but you get the idea.

Brief recap in numbers:

1   grateful goodbye to our outgoing President, Alexandra Orchard, who is graduating but will still participate in our fall colloquium. We love you and will miss you.

1   new President, Lisa Phillips, who is moving up from Vice-President

2   new- to-NDSA attendees… a warm welcome to Margaret Diaz, who is in Arizona, and Roxanne Brazell, who visited in person.

3   people interested in other officer positions for the 2012-2013 school year, to be voted on via a Doodle poll later this week. Email or (Kim Schroeder) if you are interested in being an officer. UPDATE 8/13: I have added info on other candidates who have emailed to express interest. The deadline to be on the ballot is Wednesday at noon.

  • Aubrey Maynard, current Secretary, and Camille Chidsey will be candidates for Vice-President
  • Laura Gentry will be a candidate for Secretary
  • Roxanne Brazell will be a candidate for the new Events/PR/Outreach Officer position.
  • One other person has expressed interest, but has not made a determination about what position they are interested in.

4   factors in determining fair use (intellectual property rights) reviewed. See the linked document for more information from the SEI review.

5   days or so till we have the working group page up for the colloquium and can start planning in detail

7   new facebook likes in the past week from our EZ Photo Scan fame and the listserv meeting post

10   total attendees today (5 online, and 5 in person)

60 + miles that Dale Russell drove to attend the meeting in person from Ohio. That’s dedication!

We’ll have the regular meeting minutes up later this week for those who couldn’t join us today, but watch your inboxes for the election Doodle.


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