June 2012 Meeting Minutes

Agenda for NDSA Meeting June 30, 2012

In Person Attendance: Kim Schroeder, Alexandra Orchard,

Online Attendance: Aubrey Maynard, Camille, Angie Yip, Lisa Phillips, Kristin Johnson, Kelly

1. HathiTrust Event Recap

2. Digital Preservation 2012 Conference The NDSA was very excited about what we have been able to accomplish so far.
a. Logistics:
*Location/Dates July 24th-25th at Sheraton Pentagon City in Arlington VA; July 26th CurateCamp:Processing

To register or for more details visit http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/meetings/ndiipp12.html
b. NDSA Student Group Videos

We only have one video to present at the conference. We discussed some of the short comings of using iMovie and the cost in time to create the video. We previewed the video and suggested a word change in the script for one area. For anyone who still wants to take a look at the PSA, it can be viewed at YouTube PSA: http://youtu.be/iIoO89QJ6bU.  We will be creating a handout/takeaway item to give away at the presentation. Kim knows a printer that can get our poster done within a couple of days. Lisa and Angie were going to start on that the week after our meeting. The poster will contain information about creating the video and kickstarter. We will also have a timeline about the creation of the group. There are at least four of us that will be attending the conference. Those in attendance will take notes and compile what they learn to be presented to the group as a whole.

3. Colloquium Reschedule
a. Need to pick two alternative dates: We chose October 16th with an alternative date on October 23rd. This is before mid-terms, but still allows time to prepare appropriately 

b. What do we want the colloquium to include? Ideas:
*Guest speaker? We agreed on the idea of a keynote speaker
*Panel? We also thought that a panel would bring in more attendees.
*Student projects?  Student projects need to get started now. Preferably, submission of potential projects will take place at our next meeting. We can show potential members what types of things they could be involved with if they join our group.

Lisa and Camille are doing a digital fragility poster for MLA and are willing to do a speed presentation. Other possible topics included SEI and possible job opportunities in the field. Camille is going to talk to some people she knows at the TRC.
*Video presentations from Digital Preservation 2012 (July conference)

Our July Meeting will be held on August 4th at noon EST.


About Aubrey Maynard

I am the Vice President for the WSU NDSA Student Group. I have been doing genealogy for a little more than 10 years. A large portion of my research is done on-line. I work as a receptionist at a local software company. I love to read. I have a husband and a puppy who love me to pieces.

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