Meeting This Saturday- Video Premiere!

Our monthly meeting is this Saturday at noon, in the Purdy-Kresge 3rd floor conference room. We will show our almost-final video, discuss the upcoming NDIIPP/NDSA DigitalPreservation 2012 Conference, and begin planning our fall colloquium on digital preservation.

If you have friends who just started in the program this summer, or new folks in your summer classes, we hope you’ll encourage them to attend. For those attending from offsite, the link is:

Agenda for NDSA Meeting June 30, 2012

1. HathiTrust Event Recap

2. Digital Preservation 2012 Conference
a. Logistics:
b. NDSA Student Group Videos

3. Colloquium Reschedule
a. Need to pick two alternative dates
b. What do we want the colloquium to include? Ideas:
*Guest speaker?
*Student projects? (need to start getting research together now)
*Video presentations from Digital Preservation 2012 (July conference)


What do you think?

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