General NDSA Student Group Announcement Text

General NDSA Student Group Announcement Text
ANNOUNCEMENT OF GROUP FOR BLACKBOARD OR SPEAKING TO YOUR CLASS- if anyone is shy or isn’t sure what to say or write, feel free to use this… copy, cut, suggest edits, whatever works for you to get the word out. EDIT 2/28– If you are able to speak to your class or post to a class discussion board, I started a discussion topic on this page to make note of it.
Thanks, Lisa
Hi everybody! I wanted to let everyone know about a new student group that I am a part of. We have started the first student chapter anywhere in the country of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance. The mission of the NDSA is to establish, maintain, and advance the capacity to preserve our nation’s digital resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

At the local level, we will be creating opportunities that develop our skills in the world of digital preservation via tours, demos, projects, research, and professional discussions. We are particularly interested in outreach within and outside of our academic community to raise awareness of the need for active stewardship of digital resources.

ONLINE STUDENTS ARE ESPECIALLY INVITED TO PARTICIPATE! Our meetings are accessible via AdobeConnect, with audio, so you will not feel like a second-class citizen. We are using a wikispace to post our agendas, meetings notes, and project proceedings. We will have a discussion forum on the wiki to facilitate distance participation, and we have a distance liaison officer to keep online members in touch. We are committed to providing opportunities that do not require you to be on campus to be an active member. At our first two meetings, we had significant virtual attendance.

Meetings are the last Saturday of each month at 12 noon, on the third floor of the Kresge Library.
Permanent online meeting link:

To join the WSU NDSA Student Group or if you have any questions, you can contact me or our faculty sponsor, Kim Schroeder ( FYI, membership is free.

For general NDSA information:
or you can like the NDSA’s facebook page:

Thanks! I hope you’ll drop in to our next meeting to check it out.


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